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Typical Clinics are held over 2 days, and go step by step through the design and construction of a board (or skis).

Design, CAD, machining and preparing parts, assembly and layup, pressing, finishing.

Cost starts at $1095 including materials

We usually hold clinics at people's request and don't often have set dates in advance. Weekdays are easier to schedule but we can sometimes hold them on weekends

They are usually over 2 days - one day of design and materials prep and the second is lamination assembly and finishing. We design and build a board or
skis to your specs - anything you want as long as we have the materials and machinery capable to do it. if your design is unusual you should contact us in advance to ensure we can do it within a typical clinic program.

Cost is $1095 including standard board materials with printed top and base. (This is changed from previous pricing that was $750 plus the cost of materials that we charged for the past 10 years - Inflation has finally caught up with these clinics a bit unfortunately) Some exotic materials may result in a higher total cost. If another person wants to audit the clinic (but not build anything) the cost is an additional $450 per person. If they want to build a board or pair of skis the full clinic price applies.

You take home the board or skis you make. Please note that it is difficult to make 2 pair of skis in a 2 day clinic and it usually requires to flow over into a few hours on a third day in order to finish (no additional cost for this) 3 or more pair of skis will add more time as well.

We usually prefer to do some design work with customers a few days in advance of the clinic to into the 2 day schedule. We do go over graphics at the clinic as well but for sublimated bases we need to print a few days in advance so the flood coat ink can dry properly.

Any ski or board shape and most any length and width is generally accommodated. For camber/rocker we have a couple press "forms" here - one is typical camber and one rockered ends with flat center. These 2 cover many designs but we can customize a form for your clinic if you have something specific in mind that the standard forms will not accommodate - we do charge about $300 extra for this because I have to mill a different form on the CNC

Also, if you want graphics on your skis or board it is important that I receive those files a few days in advance of the clinic - I have to print the bases in particular before the clinic because an epoxy back print ink is applied to them that must dry at least 48 hours before the skis or board is laminated or poor bonding may result

If you are interested send me a few tentative dates that work for you and I will see what works with our calendar here