Send us your designs and we sublimate them into our top end materials.

Step 1 - You design your graphics. Any number of colors, any design

Step 2 - Send us your files via e-mail or on CD (see below for specs)

Step 3 - We sublimate your graphics onto top of the line glossy Foliplast topsheets or sintered bases.

Step 4 - Build your board with fully professional graphics

Shown Below: graphic being printed on Dye Sub paper


epson 9000

Shown Below: Topsheet with freshly sublimated graphic



The fine print:

We recommend you design your graphics in Illustrator, Photoshop, or Coreldraw full size at least 200 dpi and send us the disk (or email the file if it is under 10megabytes). If your file is too big you can save it as a JPEG at high quality to reduce the size. We do not guarantee hitting pantone colors exactly but get pretty close usually.

Any number of colors is fine (art, photos etc are OK) - you simply design the graphic in whatever program you have and save it in one of the above formats

NOTE for less experienced graphic artists: it is preffered that you use RGB color space for rich dark blacks. (If you do not know what that is, let us know to check your colors and if necessary we will convert your file automatically - pease note that colors can shift a bit if you did not design in RGB so it is best to either design from scratch in RGB or read the advance section below and send files in CMYK color space.)

NOTE for advanced graphic artists: Technically one should use CMYK for sublimation printing for the least amount of color shift but many less experienced artists will simply use 100% K as black or the stock black color infill button (which is often 100% K) either due to ignorance about the actual color in the palette, or because they do not know how to make custom colors to create a rich black. With black often being of primary importance in many graphics, having a nice dark black is essential, but we have found that 100% black in CMYK color space sublimates as a dark gray/brown, not true rich black. Alternately we have found that rgb 100% black turns out decently black, so an easy method to get dark blacks and decently accurate color is to use RGB color space. That said if you prefer to design for the most accurate color in CMYK make sure you use a "rich black" along the lines of C=75, M=68, Y=67, K=90. Please let us know not to convert your files to RGB if you are certain of your colors in CMYK color space.

IMPORTANT!!!! - Snowboard Materials shrink when we sublimate the image, so your graphic needs to be oversized! We recommend designing your graphic rectangular in shape approximately 13" (33cm) wide by approximately 3" (8cm) longer than your board size to allow for shrinkage and bleed. Topsheet graphics usually shrink about 2 - 3 cm in length and 0.5cm in width. For example: a 156 snowboard should have a graphic size of approximately 164cm (156cm plus 3cm bleed plus 3% oversize for shrinkage) This will make it easy for you to fit on your board when laminating because it has lots of bleed, and will also allow for the shrinkage when we sublimate.

Base graphics should be about 10cm longer than your final image size! Base graphics will sometimes shrink as much as 10cm in length and 1.5 cm in width from your original file size. This is due to the plastic shrinking after being heated.

Cost is $42 including material for topsheets and $47 for bases including a white flood coat behind the graphic, Price assumes we do not have to work on your file. If we do, we will contact you with a quote

Turnaround is typically 2 weeks - email us first for firm dates

Custom printed topsheet
Custom printed base with back printing