CNC cut skateboard molds

By popular request we are now offering machined skateboard molds.

We start with vertically laminated wood blocks and then machine a matching set of top and bottom molds on our CNC router for perfect accuracy. Our typical standard mold is set up for 4 decks stacked, medium concave. Mold size is 34" x 10", nose angle 19.5 degrees, tail angle 19 degrees, .35" depth concave

These molds are suitable for use in Hydraulic skateboard presses

Custom molds available for additional cost. Typical lead time is 1 - 2 weeks for standard molds, custom molds approx 3 weeks


Skateboard Presses

We offer several types of skateboard presses, custom made for your needs. From the single cavity 50 ton manual hydraulic SK-2000 model shown below to dual or triple mold, dual and quad ram units with more advanced 2 way electric hydraulic pumps. Call or email for details


CNC machined wood Skateboard mold


(Note:Call us for a quotation for SK-2000 presses and/or custom molds