CNC milled skateboard molds

By popular request we are now offering machined skateboard molds.

We start with vertically laminated wood blocks and then machine a matching set of top and bottom molds on our CNC router for perfect accuracy. Our typical standard mold is set up for 4 decks stacked, medium concave. Mold size is 34" x 10", nose angle 19.5 degrees, tail angle 19 degrees, .35" depth concave

These molds are suitable for use in Hydraulic skateboard presses

Custom molds available for additional cost. Typical lead time is 1 - 2 weeks for standard molds, custom molds approx 3 weeks



CNC machined wood Skateboard mold


(Note:Call us for a quotation for SK-2000 presses and/or custom molds


SK-3000 - 40 Ton Skateboard / Longboard Press

  • Fits both Longboard and Street deck molds up to 49" long (50" between uprights).
  • Dual air driven Hydraulics (these use an air compressor to drive 2 built in hydraulic pumps to generate up to 40 tons of pressure - air compressor not included.)
  • One street deck mold included with price. Longboard molds are available for $100 additional
  • Most molds press up to 4 decks at once with 4 stacked on top of each other in the mold. The maximum stack will depend on the deck geometry and some mellower shapes allow even more stacked for fast press cycles.
  • We have several standard mold shapes available or you can send us a deck for us to copy the shape and concave etc.
  • We build these presses to order so the lead time is 2 to 3 weeks from the date of purchase.
    Shipped by truck freight, contact us for estimate
  • Dimensions 54" long x 40" wide x 56" tall. Mold cavity is 50" x 10". We can make custom sizes or dual cavity presses that fit 2 separate molds - please contact us for details.

$3895 with Street Mold

$3995 with Longboard Mold