Turnkey Ski/Snowboard Factory

If you want to start your own snowboard manufacturing company, this kit is all you need. The turnkey factory kit has all of the necessary tools and equipment to make very high quality snowboards, with the ability to press up to 4 boards per hour! The press is both cap and sandwich capable so you don't limit your construction options. We include a video manual that takes you through the operation of the press and step by step assembly of a snowboard.

Included equipment: 

  • TF-2000 Production Press
  • Digitally controlled heating option
  • lamination and shaping kit with bandsaw
  • Base grinder with auto-feed
  • optional silkscreen or sublimation graphic kits
Prices start at $18,500
TF-2000 Production Snowboard Press (more)

The design of the TF2000 press is based on very expensive ski press designs, but is scaled down to be lighter, more compact and much more affordable. With the TF-2000 press you can cure boards in as little as 15 minutes! TheTF-2000 press with digital heating option is the most cost effective production solution available.




The temperature is constantly monitored, and adjusted to the set temperature you specify on the controller. You can easily adjust the press to different operating temperatures by simply punching the temperature in on the front of the controller.

Grindrite 61Hundred with auto-feed (Other used machines also available)

Main Motor 3HP
Feed 0.5 HP6100
Pump 1.75 HP
Coolant System
Tank 21 Gallon
Foot Print 43" X 27"
Overall 64" X 32" X 55"
Belt 350 X 2000mm
Feed System
Variable Pressure 18-135lbs
350mm 3 part feed wheel
Electrical Requirements
Voltage Single Phase 208-220V
Supply Protection 25/35 amp
Cord Provided 19' #10AWG

The grinder comes standard with one #120 belt, and additional #80, #100, #120, #150, and #180 belts are available for the smoothest and fastest finishes posible. For those on a budget this machine is also available without the auto feed unit (it can ealsiy be added later).

Lamination and shaping kit with bandsaw
The lamination and shaping kit consists of a variety of tools and accessories that are necessary in order to laminate and shape your snowboards and materials. It includes a varitey of templates for shaping materials, the tools necessary for shaping the materials, as well as a variety of other tools and accessories to make your snowboard designs a reality
Kit includes:
14" bandsaw with 1.5 HP motor
special bi-metal blade for trimming flashing and wood blade for cores
router with straight cut bit
various files, drill bits, and sanding tools
pony spring clamps for base edging
1 sandwich snowboard cassette to your specifications
1 snowboard base template to your specifications
1 snowboard core template to your specifications
3.5 HP air compressor with 30 gallon tank
Optional cap or sandwich cassettes
Although the TF 2500 press is adjustable for almost any size of snowboard, most types of snowboard construction require a special "cassette" insert that holds the materials aligned correctly while the board is assembled and laminated. Each different size requires a different cassette. Cassettes start at $300 for basic sandwich designs and $700 for cap. We set them up to your specs.
Optional silkscreen or sublimation graphic kits

If you don't have a graphics service bureau near you that can print snowboard materials for you we also offer several optional graphics kits that will allow you to design and print your own graphics in-house. Printing your graphics in-house can often be much less expensive than sending the work out, and it offers you the greatest flexibility in the graphics you can offer on your boards, as you can easily change designs and print materials any time you want.

Our silkscreening kits include a variety of slikscreen frames, screen clamps, a squeegee, a scoop coater and specialized UV lamps to allow you set up your own screen burning system. The number of silkscreen frames needed is based on the type of graphics you want to print and how many colors and color changes per job you want to make. We offer top quality aluminum frames (not wood), and have vacuum table assemblies available to allow for the best possible registration of your materials. These kits are custom assembled for your particular printing needs and start at less than $500 for logo sized graphics and about $1299 for full sized graphics. contact us for more info

We also offer a variety of sublimation kits for full color digital printing. The least expensive system starts at $1695, and uses a modified Epson printer with special dye sublimation inks to print the transfer papers and a logo sized heat transfer press to sublimate the graphics. With this system you can make graphics approximately 15" x 15" - It works really well for logos etc. (not suitable for full size graphics

Full size sublimation systemw start at $9500 for large format printer, dye sublimation cartridges and ink, and a full size heat transfer press..

Other more advanced systems feature 36", 44" or even 60" wide plotters with higher printing speeds, and "ganged" printing of several graphics at once. These more advanced plotters also have optional Postscript RIP softwarewith advanced color correction features to allow you to better match your colors and enlarge small artwork.

Full size transfer presses start at $6995.


Overview of system:

This is how it works: The base and core are shaped using the supplied tools and templates. The steel edges are fastened to the base, and carefully bent to the shape of the board (by hand). The base is placed into the custom made cassette, and then resin is applied to the base. The supplied rubber and fiberglass layers are also wet out with resin and placed in the cassette. The core is then wet out an aligned in the cassette. Additional layers are then also wet out and placed into the cassette. When all of the pieces are placed into the cassette, the top sheet is carefully laid on top of the other components. The cassette is then sealed and placed into the press. When the cassette is correctly aligned in the press, the pressure is turned on, and the board is left to cure for approximately 8 - 24 hours (or for as little as 15 minutes with the digital heating option) depending on the resin you use and the temperature of the environment.

When the board is cured, it is removed from the cassette. Flashing (excess glue and materials) are then carefully trimmed from the edge of the board using the supplied saw. When the flashing is cut off, the board is then filed and sanded around the perimeter using the supplied files and tools. (or base grinding machine if your kit includes one). The base is then filed and sanded using the supplied files and tools (or grinder) to remove excess glue and structure the base. Finally, the binding holes are drilled out using the supplied drill, bits and template, and the holes are dressed using the supplied bit and tap. Viola!! finished snowboard!!!!

Please note: While making snowboards using our kits is not particularly difficult, it helps to have a working knowledge of hand tools, basic woodworking and or composites lamination. Improper use of the tools and machinery can cause injury or result in ruined snowboards. Using the machinery also requires a workshop space with ventilation (a ventilated fan or at least a window that can be opened) of minimum 200 square feet. The materials create wood, plastic, and fiber glass dust, and the epoxy resin system creates irritating vapors (not particularly dangerous but nonetheless irritating to the respiratory tract).