TF-1000 Ski and Snowboard Press

TF-1000 Ski and Snowboard Press

The TF-1000 is our entry level Ski and snowboard laminating press.

It is suitable for both the low volume production user and hobby/enthusiast DIY ski and snowboard builders. As it is a non-heated design the daily capacity is dependent on the cure time of your resin but typically this is 1 - 2 boards or 1-2 pair of skis per day.

This machine features our unique triple "Tube Frame" design (hence the name TF) that enables us to make a stiff but relatively small and lightweight frame so the press can be used in small workshops and workspaces. It can even be used in your basement or garage.

The TF-1000 ski and snowboard press features an all pneumatic "air bladder/caterpillar track" top form assembly for unlimited ski or board thickness profiles, adjustable length, various camber and rocker profiles and more (1 rocker/camber profile included, others can be ordered). As your capacity grows it can be upgraded later to a TF-2000 model by adding the heated plate assemblies and digital temperature control panel.



Standard Specifications (we can build to other specs please inquire):

  • Unique triple "Tube Frame" structural steel tube frame design
  • Adjustable for different lengths (standard from 140cm to 175cm - other size ranges available)
  • Modular tip, tail, and camber/rocker "form blocks" can be interchanged for different profiles (steep/mellow nose and tail, camber/rocker/hybrid etc)
  • 330mm standard width (other widths available)
  • All aluminum "caterpillar track" top form assembly works as a flexible caul plate for unlimited thickness profiles
  • dual 600lb burst air bladders
  • 93" long x 28" wide x 30" tall x approximately 550lbs in standard form

Typical configuration $3495. Other options, custom dimensions and International electronics are available, please inquire.


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