Fiberglass Reinforcements

Fiberglass Reinforcements

Fiberglass and other composite reinforcements for ski, snowboard and other high performance laminates.

At SnowboardMaterials/Action Sports we carry several high end fiberglass and other composite reinforcements. We scoured the world's top suppliers and chose a few of the finest materials available.

We try to keep standard biax and triax fabrics in stock but occasionally find some interesting exotic types so check back often.


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Ultra smooth 20oz triax fiberglass - Very flat smooth top side for less fiberglass texture "print through" (smoother than Vectorply and most similar fabrics), stitched edges to resist fraying during layup. 12.5 inches wide, specify number of meters for the length necessary for your project. Industry standard.


19oz non-woven biax fiberglass - smooth top side, slightly softer flex than 20oz triax, but with stiffer 90 degree axis. Stitched edges to resist fraying during layup. Typically used for soft flex designs and for riders and skiers of lighter weight.



Please note: some countries do not allow USPS shipments of cores because the box is too big. If you are ordering cores from overseas, please email for a quote first. We may have to use another carrier.



Recent News/Articles

  • New 2018/2019 ski and snowboard materials in stock

    We just received a shipment of our new 2018/2019 snowboard cores, ski cores, blanks and sidewalls.

    The new snowboard cores feature new twin tip flex profiles as well as a new 20 hole "Bullet Pack" binding insert pattern. We are also offering 4 types of pre-tapered ski cores for easy incorportation in your ski designs. Check em out on the cores page!

  • Introducing our CNC Multicutter - CNC Router with blade

    Introducing our new CNC Multicutter CNC router with blade cutting attachment - Hand built in our facility in Los Angeles California.

    The CNC Multicutter is a medium format CNC router and blade cutter with a cutting area of 80" x 16" (2130mm x 406mm) up to 96" x 48" (2032mm x 1220mm) depending on the configuration. Standard sizes are 80" x 16" and 80" x 24".

    We call it the Multicutter due to the cutting versatility the machine offers when combining a traditional spindle for routing and milling tasks with an interchangable Donek blade cutter that allows a variety of other cutting tasks wih thin materials that would otherwise not be possbile on a traditional machine.


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